Daladier family

Our History through images


1st vines

The winemaking history of the family begins. At that time, René Daladier was one of the founders of the Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes cooperative winery.



Plan de Dieu as main territory

René and then his son Roland planted vines around Plan de Dieu. The Piecaud plot is one of the family's emblematic vineyards.

50s and 60s


Clémént arrives

After studying viticulture and oenology at the Orange wine school, Clément took over the reins of the estate in 2010 with a commitment to respecting nature and enhancing the terroir.


Bouteille Daladier Plan de Dieu

1st bottles

In 2017, Clément produced his first cuvée of Plan de Dieu red, a realization of his dedication and passion for viticulture and winemaking. To express his concern for a job well done and his quest for elegance in the wines, he chose a refined and distinctive high-end bottle that has become his trademark.


Since 1930...

The Daladier family has owned vineyards around the village of Camaret-sur-Aigues for several decades. In 1930, René Daladier was one of the founders of the Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes cooperative winery. Even then, the wines from the Plan de Dieu vineyard were known for their generosity. René passed his passion on to his son Roland, who continued the winemaking activities, and then to his grandson Alain. The grapes from their vineyards were brought to the cooperative winery. Today, Clément, representing the fourth generation of winemakers, took over the family operation in 2017 and began vinifying his own cuvées.

Mother vines: A family tradition

The cultivation of mother vines is another well-established activity at Domaine Daladier. American varieties such as Paulsen are grown to produce phylloxera-resistant rootstocks. These rootstocks are then sent to nurserymen who graft them with local grape varieties. Today, 18 hectares of the property are dedicated to the planting of mother vines.

Passion as driving force

Originally, the great-grandfather René, guided by diversity and a love for the land, cultivated not only vineyards but also other local crops. This close connection with the earth was captured in period photographs, showing the old family tractor carrying mother vines and mules assisting with fieldwork, a testament to a bygone but foundational era.
René and his son Roland passed on their love of the land and quality work to Clément. The Daladier estate is, above all, a story of family, land, and passion. The mechanics of tractors, the vast windy expanses of Piecaud, the vegetation coming back to life in spring… These are elements that already attracted Clément as a child.